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    JodyT's RZR


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    JodyT's RZR Empty JodyT's RZR

    Post by jodyt on Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:01 pm

    I have been asked by a couple of people to give a detailed Build spec of My RZR....Well here it is!

    2009 Polaris Ranger RZR Stealth Black
    12" DWT Nitros in Black Chrome
    Pit Bull Rockers 26.5 x 9 x 12 26.5 x 11 x 12
    Polaris Dash Block off Kit
    Polaris Rock sliders
    EMP 2" Lift
    EMP Cooter Brown Top
    EMP A-Arm guards Front & Rear
    EMP Heavy Duty Front Bumper
    EMP Cooter Brown QD windshield w/ Home made Windshield wiper
    EMP Cooter Brown UHMW Full Skids
    Super ATV over head bag
    Super ATV glove box
    Maier scooped Hood
    Viper Max 4000# winch w/ Synthetic rope
    Polaris PreRunner rear Bumper
    "JodyT" custom Chassis Brace
    Dragon Fire Racing 4 point Harness'
    Machined Shifter Knob
    Outer wares Prefilter
    AFCO Racing Silver series Shocks
    Polaris Lock/Ride Rack
    Polaris Lock/Ride Bed Extender
    Polaris Lock/Ride Gas Can mount
    Polaris Lock/Ride Box
    FRS Mobile Radio
    Sizmek Rear view Mirror
    Polaris "S" Flares
    Pro Armor full Suicide Doors
    Black Chrome Fire extinguisher
    Quad gear grab handles

    ***More to come....It's an Addiction!***

    JodyT's RZR 01211
    JodyT's RZR 01310
    JodyT's RZR 01410
    JodyT's RZR 01510
    JodyT's RZR 01111
    JodyT's RZR 00910
    JodyT's RZR 01010

    Well after the Tackett Creek ride I seen I needed a different tire and wheel setup....The MTC's are just too hard to be a good trail tire. I did some more research on the Pit Bull Rocker, and decided that I wanted to see if they were as good as all the reviews said they were. I also wanted to go back to a 12" wheel to get more sidewall for a smoother ride....I went with Douglas Wheel Technologies new Nitro in Black Chrome in a wide offset. I am very pleased with the looks and quality of both the wheels and Tires, only time will tell how well the Rockers hold up. I know just by riding around here this evening these things are light years ahead of the MTC's that I just took off as far as ride quality!

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0010

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0011

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0012

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0013

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0014

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0110

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0111

    JodyT's RZR Rzr_0112

    More Evolution of My RZR....

    After putting the Pit Bulls on I decided I needed to to something about the Clutch on this thing...After I Blew the belt at RB earlier this year I purchased an EPI Clutch kit from a guy n Memphis that got the wrong kit, it came with a brand new EPI Severe Duty belt that had never been installed. For $120 I thought I got a great Deal. Last week I called EPI and told them what parts I had and asked what I needed, I ordered a new Primary Spring and a set of Lighter weights for the Primary. The install was about the easiest Mod I have done to this RZR, I am guessing it took 30 - 45 minutes to put in. The results were great, engagement in high gear is almost instantaneous, Low gear is a real low gear, and engine breaking is diagrammatically increased. After 2 rides now on this setup I just wish I had done it sooner!

    Mud in the Bed NO MORE!!!

    I love the RZR but with the Tires I have run keeping the Mud under the Machine where it belongs has been an ongoing battle. After finally giving up on my original Getto flares I installed a set of S flares, they solved 75% of my Mud issues, but I still had mud flying in the cab from the bottom of the front tires and in the bed from the back of the rear tires. After seeing the fender flare Extenders R Fly had on his S I thought I can use that desighn and build something that will solve both of my issues....So one day last week i ordered a sheet of ABS plastic to see if I could make my Vision a working reality. While waiting for it to come in I set about with some cardboard making templates until I had one that I liked and I thought woul look good and perform the intended function. I also p/u a set of $10 Truck splash guards at Autozone for the front, along with some plastic screw together Rivets. The fronts were fairly easy to get install, no more mud in my Eye! Once the Plastic showed up I got the rear cut out per the Pattern I had made out of cardboard. The install was pretty easy, and I think they look pretty good to be home made. I rode 2 rides this weekend with both installed, I am happy to report that I no longer have a bed full of mud when I get back to the Trucks. Also the way I built the rears seals up the underside of the bed and makes kind of a wheel well liner and keeps the mud from caking up on the bottom of the bed, clean up was much easier this time!!!

    JodyT's RZR Dscf0134
    JodyT's RZR Dscf0129
    JodyT's RZR Dscf0130
    JodyT's RZR Dscf0131
    JodyT's RZR Dscf0132
    JodyT's RZR Dscf0133

    Got the HID kit installed this last weekend, and put these on.... Cool Now just got to get them Dialed in...

    JodyT's RZR 09181010

    JodyT's RZR 09181011

    JodyT's RZR 09181012

    The Big Show
    The Big Show

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    JodyT's RZR Empty Re: JodyT's RZR

    Post by The Big Show on Sun Dec 12, 2010 7:08 pm

    That's one awesome build for sure Jody!!! I need to have you build me a set
    of those over fenders you designed for yours. They look awesome, and I bet they
    function just as well!!!

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    JodyT's RZR Empty Re: JodyT's RZR

    Post by locolouie on Mon Dec 13, 2010 10:29 am

    awesome ride Jody wish it was mine

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    JodyT's RZR Empty Re: JodyT's RZR

    Post by Goob28 on Mon Dec 13, 2010 3:10 pm

    i cant wait to sling mudd on it lol but jeremy "big blow" first lol

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    JodyT's RZR Empty Re: JodyT's RZR

    Post by moto92 on Wed Jan 12, 2011 9:57 pm

    sweet looking rzr

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    JodyT's RZR Empty Re: JodyT's RZR

    Post by jodyt on Wed Feb 09, 2011 9:02 pm

    Just installed a new Full Muzzy Exhaust and Fuel controller on the RZR....gonna try it out this weekend Twisted Evil

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    JodyT's RZR Empty Re: JodyT's RZR

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