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    Pickett State Forest Sendoff ride


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    Pickett State Forest Sendoff ride Empty Pickett State Forest Sendoff ride

    Post by jodyt on Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:49 pm

    Pickett State forest 01/30/10

    My Brother in law Bill is about ready to head back to war,
    so I decided to give him a sendoff ride. A few of us met at Black House
    Mountain RD this morning for a day of riding. When I first turned off the
    Pavement on to Black House RD I knew it was going to be a soupy day, I have
    never seen it that soft and soupy…by the time I got to the parking area you
    could not tell I was driving a black truck. We got unloaded and with
    introductions out of the way we got underway about 8:20. We had a cast of
    characters on the ride…Me and Bill in my RZR, Buck, Dan, Captain Dan, Old
    Grizz, Outcast, Rfly, and BigRed1 on his Brand New 800r XC.

    We headed out trail one and went down 100, once we crossed
    the creek at the bottom of 100 Dan decided to take the left hand trail that no
    one ever takes…not to be left out me and Buck fall right in behind him. Dan
    being the 1st one up did not have much trouble, it was a different
    story for Buck and Me. Buck was 2nd in line and no matter what line
    he took he could not get over the rock ledge that had him in its grip, and with
    a front diff roller cage voicing its displeasure with the situation out came
    the winch. After 3 different pulls Buck was up and out, now it was my turn…I
    studied the obstacle, and there was no easy way over it. I started up and got
    past the rock ledge that grabbed buck only to slide into a ditch about 4’ deep
    on the passenger side, if not for the bank it would have rolled on over. After
    backing back down the hill to get another run at a different angle I hit it
    pretty hard and turned sideways on the hill. Backing up and trying to bump over
    the ledge I tried it 1 to many times…The RZR worked itself more sideways and with
    a final burst of throttle she stood up and laid over on its side just as softly
    as you please. I have had this thing for
    almost 2 years and have put it in pretty hairy places, this was the 1st
    roll over I have experienced in it; the Harness’ did their job and kept us both
    in place. After a short laugh at the situation we abandoned ship, and got her
    back on all fours. Out comes the winch, and after 2 good pulls I am off this
    trail. We continue on 100 without any more issues. Back at trail 1 we book it over to Tea cup
    rock for our 1st break, Blue sky’s made for some great scenery. After
    the break it is on to Trail 71, I love that trail, if it don’t make your back
    side grab the seat you aren’t alive…off camber along the bluff edge, it’s
    AWESOME! Back on trial 2 we continue down to the pavement and then take the new
    short cut trail up to Edwards mount and Mill Point overlook for some more
    awesome scenery and Lunch.

    After eating a bite I was inspecting the RZR, I had been
    hearing a loud clunk for the last few miles, after a minute or 2 I found the
    source of the noise. It appears that the EMP lift on the front had broken and
    was just hang there. I don’t know what was keeping the shocks from being shoved
    through the hood! Out comes the tools and after 30 minutes of beating and
    thrashing the lift is off in 2 pcs and the shocks back in their original
    locations. With all the tools put back up its time to head back to the other
    side of 1009.

    We take the pavement over to trail 54; about ½ ways across 54
    Dan pinches the left rear tire on his RZR. After several minutes and several
    plugs later it’s back to holding air again. Continuing on 54 we take a right on
    9 over to 52, even with all the warmer weather there were still pockets of Ice
    clinging to the bluff face. Back on 9 we head over to take trail 36, we make
    our way to the final hill climb out of 36. I make it up the 1st climb
    and go back to spot and video the others coming up only to find no one coming. After
    walking back to the bottom I find that Dan has broken a rear axle, his day is
    done. We all decide to head back to the trucks the easiest way we can, which is
    back out 9 to 48 to Hwy 200 over to the sand mine and back that way. Going down
    200 I notice and new sign at the old store, and guy standing on the porch, I
    whip in to see whats going on. It seems that it has changed hand s and the new
    owner is opening it back up. He already has parking open, $5/ATV and will open
    the store this summer. He said he hopes to have gas as well, this is great

    We had a great day even with the mechanical issues; they
    just make it more memorable. Thanks to all the guys that came out today, Bill
    had a great time!
    The Big Show
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    Pickett State Forest Sendoff ride Empty Re: Pickett State Forest Sendoff ride

    Post by The Big Show on Mon Jan 31, 2011 4:29 am

    Awesome ride report Jody!!! Sounds like one hell of a
    ride for sure Twisted Evil

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